Skin Rashes And Natural Ingredients

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Rashes can occur for many different reasons. They are very itchy and ugly. Many people are embarrassed to show their skin when they have rashes. Some people are allergic to food, chemicals, or fabric that can cause these rashes. Sometimes people encounter viruses that cause rashes to appear on their skin. The rashes can look many different ways as well. Some rashes are bumpy and red, or scaly and patchy. Some rashes are filled with clear or opaque liquid.

Certain medications can help you get rid of the irritation and potential for infection. However, prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause reactions over time. For instance, with cortisone creams they suggest to stop after three weeks for a week before resuming. A lot of people who suffer from various skin problems prefer natural treatments. They don't worry as much about high risks or side effects. For any bacterial infections it’s necessary to take antibiotics so be sure to consult with your dermatologist.

Herbs have been used for so many things, even skin care. Whether you eat it or drink it, certain herbs can help you find some measure of relief. Even herbs used as a main component in moisture creams can be used to reduce your rash. Many people use herbs as a salve when chopped and mixed with hot water. The salve is placed on the rash and kept on until you feel relief. Others can make a herb tea tincture, then soak a cloth in it and use that as a warm compress on the rash. You can find dozens of herbs that are beneficial to treating your rash and they don’t come with any risk of side effects.

Many natural treatments for your rash are affordable. You can put some oatmeal in a net bag and use that in the bath tub. Be sure to not use very hot water but keep it tepid.

Look into the use of omega 3 oils for helping with skin inflammation and skin redness. Using moisturizer twice a day is important for certain rashes such as eczema. For other rashes, taking oregano oil internally is useful, especially for fungal skin reactions.

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Skin Rashes And Natural Ingredients

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Skin Rashes And Natural Ingredients

This article was published on 2010/12/28