Rashes And Hiv Diagnosis

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AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. The virus responsible for AIDS is called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). One can be infected by the HIV virus in many ways. The most common reasons are sexual contact with infected person, blood contact, hypodermic needles, and breast milk. A person can be infected with HIV for many years before AIDS to develop. The average time span of a person after developing AIDS is on 9.2 years. There is a lack of awareness among people about AIDS, HIV and its symptoms. Early recognition of symptom can help and delay the development of AIDS.

Some people observe skin eruptions two to three weeks after they have been exposed. Some people might not develop the rash at all This rash makes it s appearance mostly in chest or back area and face or neck area. It appears as small dark bumps, which are slightly raised, from the skin. For people with paler skin the appearance is red and brownish. In some people, this rash disappears automatically after some time.

It's also possible the rash has no connection to HIV. In the warmer months it can be easy to get a heat rash, eczema or a fungal rash infection. HIV symptoms may be accompanied by headaches, fever, diarrhea, muscle pains, joint aches, and thrush. However, these symptoms can be due to an infection or another cause, so it's best to not rush to a conclusion. Only proper tests can identify the real reason of rash. Instead of living in aggravation it is best to be tested.

There are some treatments, which can be used to treat the rash and relieve you of the discomfort. This rash is aggravated by heat. It is advised that you should avoid exposure to heat, hot showers, or bath. There are many over the counter medications such as antihistamines or hydrocortisone creams, which can shrink and raised bumps and control the itching.

In addition, early treatment like antiretroviral treatment can defer the onset of AIDS with the treatment of HIV. This means that a person infected with HIV can live a longer life with high quality years. It is very important that you do not hide your condition, be very open with your doctor and not be paralyzed by fear.
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Rashes And Hiv Diagnosis

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This article was published on 2011/04/01